We welcome Federico Petruccelli to the Arctic Nutrition team!

We welcome Federico Petruccelli to the Arctic Nutrition team!

Arctic Nutrition’s scientific team is expanding. Recently chemist Federico Petruccelli became the newest addition to the Arctic team relocating from Italy.

Two years Ago Federico had a project with Arctic Nutrition while undertaking his university degree being supervised by CTO Daniele Mancinelli.

“It all started in a fun way during University undertaking a project with Arctic Nutrition in Hovdebygda. I was in the right place at the right moment. It started as a one-two month project, and suddenly the project was expanded to become a full master’s degree”, Federico states.

Having returned to Norway permanently Federico reflects upon his learnings in Hovdebygda during his Master’s.

“Upon graduation, I realized how much I have learned working with Arctic Nutrition. I am really excited to have this opportunity”

Arctic’s CTO and fellow Italian, Daniele Mancinelli, is pleased to have Federico back in Hovdebygda.

“Federico will be a valuable asset in the scientific development going forward. He is a very skilled chemist with in-depth knowledge of what we do”,  says Daniele.

It is a long journey from Federico’s hometown in Italy to Ørsta in Norway. He is from the small-town, San Marco in Lamis, located in the South-Eastern parts of Italy. A region particularly known for its tourism and olive oil.

Federico conducted his Master’s in Advanced Chemical Methodologies at the University of Camerino. The focus was on the process development of the herring roe extracts focusing on future production methods.

Every day in the laboratory is different. I am excited to continue the development exploring the potential of what the herring roe extracts can do for human health

When he is not in the laboratory Federico loves Norwegian food. With the traditional Norwegian Rice Porridge being his favorite.

We wish Federico a warm welcome to the team!