Meet Dr. Thomas Ringheim- Bakka – the newest addition to the Arctic Nutrition team!

We welcome Thomas Ringheim-Bakka to the Arctic Nutrition team!

“There are small things you can do to show off in a job application without being too obvious”.

This was one of the tactics Thomas Ringheim-Bakka used when he submitted an open application to Arctic Nutrition this fall. The approach succeeded as he is now going straight from paternity leave to the position as Product Manager.  

The man from Hornindal has been interested in natural sciences from an early age and went on to study chemistry at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. After graduating with a master’s degree in chemistry he took part in a national research project. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the topic of synthesis of antimicrobial compounds based on marine natural products. Through his university days, he acquired knowledge and competence in pharmaceutical chemistry. These experiences will be highly useful in his new position with Arctic Nutrition. Even though Dr. Ringheim-Bakka is experienced within the field, he humbly states that there will be a lot of new challenges in this new role. 

“The role as Product Manager is new to me with the associated responsibilities.  Additionally, working with phospholipid-based products is a new concept for me, so it will be exciting to work with this type of Omega-3 compounds.”

 Before joining the Arctic Nutrition team Thomas has experience from Biozep AS, a biopharmaceutical startup developing drug candidates for eye diseases. In Biozep he worked as a scientist and laboratory manager, where he was involved in synthesizing drug candidates and doing quality control for further development. 

“I think the new role with Arctic Nutrition will give me the opportunity to learn more about quality control processes and also acquire knowledge of the entire development process of a novel pharmaceutical product. Additionally, as Product Manager, I will be involved in sales activities which will be very interesting and challenging.”

 Thomas will be involved in many of the different processes in the company. He will be focusing on certain areas such as communication and the preparation of scientific documentation for B2B sales.

“I really enjoy communicating science and making things look good. I particularly enjoy making good looking web pages that convey information in a good way”

He is now looking forward to starting in his new role with Arctic Nutrition.

“I enjoy following the development from the idea stage to having a finished product. It is in this process the magic happens, and I am looking forward to taking part in this.”

Thomas believes he is joining Arctic Nutrition at the perfect time. He says that it is positive not having the uncertainty of a very small startup, but at the same time joining a rather small team. By joining a scaleup he will directly influence the future of the company building upon an already strong business foundation. Thomas will be an important part of the company’s scientific team.  

“Arctic Nutrition is a company with a solid foundation, so I know that I am joining a company where people know what they are doing. This is going to be both very educational and exciting to me”


We wish Thomas welcome as a part of the Arctic Nutrition team and look forward to what we will accomplish together in the future.