We welcome Lauren Jensen to the Arctic Nutrition team!

We welcome Lauren Jensen to the Arctic Nutrition team!

Lauren Jensen is joining the team in the newly appointed position as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. We are pleased to have Lauren on board bringing in just the right expertise to grow the nutraceutical business to the next level.

Marketing sparked an interest

Being raised in Houston, Texas, Lauren is used to a high paced city lifestyle. She relocated to another big city, Phoenix, Arizona, obtaining a degree in Business Administration at Arizona State University. During the program, it became clear that marketing was the topic Lauren enjoyed the most. The next big move was already planned when she graduated on her 21st birthday. Just a few days later, she was on a plane across the Atlantic starting her career in London. 

Global business perspective

During her career, she has covered markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the U.S. The only continents she has yet to explore are Africa and South America. 

As a marketer working internationally, I have learned how important it is not to expect what your customers want — because you might be surprised. 

In her new role, she will be heading up the e-commerce and B2B business in Norway, with other markets to follow. In addition to this, she will be working with the launch of Romega in China. The first product was launched in the beginning of 2020 in collaboration with Kotler Marketing Group China with more products to follow. 

The supplements have great potential and a unique position in the global market. I am excited to work with a product having multiple benefits being applicable to a wide range of markets. This gives us the flexibility to position the product slightly differently in different markets.

In her previous roles, she has worked in a variety of industries ranging from beauty, supplements, IT to banking. Sales, marketing, and branding have been the common denominator in all of her roles. After 10 years of working, she furthered her education with an MBA in 2018. 

Adapting to Norwegian culture

By coincidence, she ended up in Oslo. Living in London she traveled to many cities for work, Oslo being one of them. On her first day in town, she met her husband relocating to yet another city.

I love that you can drive from the sea to the forest in about 15 minutes. However, I did have to get used to living in a smaller city. 

Lauren has gotten used to the Norwegian lifestyle having lived here for the last 15 years. Nevertheless, you will typically find her on an airplane about once a month as she loves to travel. 

The weather is the main difference in living here. In the beginning, I didn’t understand why Norwegians would run outside every time the sun was shining. After a few years, I am so grateful every time it’s sunny, and now I’m the first one heading outside. 

Being based in the Oslo office luckily, she doesn’t have to face the weather conditions in Hovdebygda just yet.

We are pleased to welcome Lauren to the Arctic Nutrition team!