We welcome Evelyn Røed to the Arctic Nutrition team!

Evelyn Røed

We welcome Evelyn Røed to the Arctic Nutrition team!

“I was very fortunate to have an internship with Arctic Nutrition during my studies. When I got the opportunity to continue full time, I could not say no” 

Beginning of 2020 Evelyn began her internship as a part of the program in Digital Marketing at Noroff School of Digital Media and Technology. Throughout the internship she proved her capabilities making great contributions to the team. Therefore, we were very pleased when she accepted our offer entering the newly appointed position as Digital Marketer.

Guided by her interests

Evelyn grew up on Sula an island with around 800 inhabitants located on the west coast of Norway. Growing up she’s always been interested in the outdoors, nature, and marine resources.

Her educational journey started with a semester abroad in Mexico studying a mix of marketing, entrepreneurship, and tourism. Entering university, she took a bachelor’s degree in landscaping followed by a master’s degree in sustainable tourism with a focus on coastal heritage. During this time, she developed her interests in natural sciences, sustainability, and innovation. Upon graduating, she decided that she wanted to use her background to work with communications. A degree in Digital Marketing was the next step. A field perfectly combining her creativity, love of writing, and communications.

“With Romega originating from one of the most important marine resources in Norwegian history, my background is a great fit in my new role”

Becoming a digital marketer

Having an internship with Arctic Nutrition Evelyn is already familiar with many of her new work responsibilities. It was through her program manager, Ida Serneberg, Evelyn ended up working for Arctic Nutrition.

“It was by coincidence I ended up in this role. When I started my school project with the company, I received a wide range of tasks and it really peaked my interest. I am excited about the continuation because it is a fun place to work where the standards are set very high. I have a lot of responsibilities which is challenging, but rewarding at the same time.”

During the internship, Evelyn traveled to the west coast visiting the head office in Hovdebygda. As a part of her project, she worked on content creation for the marketing of Romega in China in partnership with Kotler Marketing Group China. Through this trip, Evelyn got the chance to experience the whole journey of how Romega was created. Arctic Nutrition’s work related to sustainability stood out to her, as this is an area she is very interested in.

“In my opinion, Romega is one of the world’s best products, being no doubt about it. I’ve become so convinced recommending it to all my friends and family”

All the positions in Arctic Nutrition’s new marketing team under the leadership of Lauren Jensen have now been filled. We are thrilled that Evelyn has joined the team.