We welcome Anne Maren Skei to the Arctic Nutrition team!

Anne Maren Skei

We welcome Anne Maren Skei to the Arctic Nutrition team!

We are pleased to announce that Anne Maren Skei is joining the team in the newly appointed position as Paid Media Manager. With her extensive marketing experience, she will be a great contribution to the team going forward.  

Traveled across the globe

Anne Maren grew up in Trysil, a small Norwegian mountain village known for its winter sports activities. Cross country skiing, slalom, and mountain hiking was a big part of her very active childhood.  

Moving away from home she started her bachelor’s degree at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo. With her sporty attitude, she has continuously challenged herself making unconventional decisions. A few years later, she ended up across the globe studying advertising and PR in Hawaii.

“As a part of my degree, every student had to do a semester abroad. I figured that I might as well travel across the entire globe. Hawaii might be as far away from Trysil as you can get.”

 After 2 years in Hawaii, Anne Maren decided to extend her stay another year. She pursued her interests in multimedia completing a Minor in the field.

“When I landed in Honolulu I was overwhelmed by the open and welcoming culture. I got to know people from all over the world for which I am truly grateful”

Becoming a marketing professional

Moving back to Norway, Anne Maren started her career working in a technology company specializing in web and app development.  

“ “I enjoyed working in marketing. It is a field where I can use my creativity being a part of the entire process from ideation to campaign execution”

 Over the years she has worked in a variety of industries including beauty, property management, design, and technology. She has gained experience working with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer categories.

““It is exciting to follow the development and measure the effect of marketing campaigns. The analytical aspect of my job is very motivating continuously seeking ways to improve.”

Business with a purpose

“Over the years, I have learned that I enjoy working with products that are relatable to me as a consumer. Personally, I am interested in living a healthy lifestyle, so I am excited to work with a product like Romega with so many nutritional benefits.”

In the position as Paid Media Manager, Anne Maren will be responsible for all paid advertising. Arctic Nutrition’s marketing team under the leadership of Lauren Jensen is now in place, and we are happy to have Anne Maren onboard.  

Anne Maren will be based in Oslo working from the office in the Oslo Science Park. We welcome Anne Maren to the team!