Arctic Nutrition is officially a member of the Life Science Cluster

Arctic Bioscience became member of the Life Science Cluster

Arctic Nutrition is officially a member of the Life Science Cluster

Huge potential within the Norwegian life science industry

“Norway has excellent research, technology and innovation hubs, abundant natural resources, a large talent pool, and a thriving industry across the life science sector” - The Life Science Cluster.

The Life Science Cluster is comprised of a variety of member companies and organizations for which the life sciences are key. Many of the members are working within the health and pharmaceutical industry.   

With Arctic Nutrition developing marine extracts for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications based on a residual resource, the cluster is the perfect arena for collaboration and knowledge-transfer.   

“The Life Science Cluster is a great fit for Arctic Nutrition where we can contribute with our expertise and learn from established players in the industry” - Ole Arne Eiksund, CEO Arctic Nutrition

Expanding business area

Since Arctic Nutrition was founded in 2011, the herring roe extracts developed have been used for nutraceutical applications. In 2017, Arctic Nutrition officially became a pharmaceutical company being accepted as a member of the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Association (LMI). This marked an important strategic shift for the company.

“Arctic Nutrition is an example of the potential for business development and extended market opportunities we see within the life sciences. Due to hard work, knowledge and technology they are now expanding their business area from nutraceutical to medical products. It will be exciting to follow their development and we are pleased to have them as members of the cluster. Their experiences are important learnings for others, and Arctic Nutrition can benefit from existing members' knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry” - Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO, The Life Science Cluster

“We look forward to becoming a part of the cluster supporting the important work for the Norwegian life science ecosystem as a whole” -Ole Arne Eiksund, CEO, Arctic Nutrition.

We look forward to a meaningful membership.