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Herring Roe Becomes Medicine

Arctic Nutrition is registering their herring roe extract as a new pharmaceutical drug. The co-founder of Arctic Nutrition, Hogne Hallaråker, presented the company's ambition of making herring roe into medicine. News article from Sunnmorsposten 12.04.18 Click here for the original article in Norwegian    

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Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Company of Herring Roe

Arctic Nutrition will be registering herring roe extract as a new pharmaceutical drug. The co-founder of Arctic Nutrition, Hogne Hallaråker, prestented the company's ambition of making medicine out of herring roe. The amount of scientific evidence supporting use of Omega-3 for various conditions and for optimizing health is growing in both volume and recognition. Several [...]

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Håvard (72) Cured his Psoriasis with Herring Roe

Håvard Vardal started noticing improvements on his psoriasis condition shortly after starting using Romega. After a few months, his psoriasis was completely gone. News article from TV2.no 22.09.17 Summary provided in English below: Håvard (72) got rid of his psoriasis with herring roe ”Shortly after I started taking the capsules I noticed a significant improvement in [...]

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Ensures Better Cooperation on Health Research

Research unit for health research makes collaboration between industry, health institutions, and the university easier. They have now signed their first cooperation agreement, with the Norwegian biotech company Arctic Nutrition.   Article published by the University of Bergen 21.09.17 Original article in Norwegian: http://www.uib.no/med/110730/sikrer-bedre-samarbeid-om-helseforskning  

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Testing a New Medication on 60 Patients

Studies indicate that the product from Arctic Nutrition reduces inflammatory conditions. A study is currently being conducted at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. News article from Sunnmorsposten 26.08.17 Original article in Norwegian translated excerpts provided in English below: These inflammatory conditions can drive auto immune processes like psoriasis, explains dermatologist, scientist, and head of dermatology at Haukeland [...]

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