Doctors are ecstatic by breakthrough treating psoriasis with herring roe

Doctors are ecstatic by breakthrough treating psoriasis with herring roe

-This is really special to me and the company. We have spent a lot of time and resources to succeed, says Hogne Hallaråker to TV2.

He is a co-founder and owner of the company Arctic Nutrition based in Ørsta on the west coast of Norway. They have developed a treatment for psoriasis using capsules made of a herring roe extract.

-We use herring row as our raw material, we refine it, and extracts all fats, making it as potent as possible. Additionally, we have procedures for quality control assessing purity ensuring that the product is as pure as the roe itself.

TV2 told the story about Håvard Vartdal who felt significant improvements in his psoriasis after using the capsules

Healthy and happy. Håvard Vartal has experienced significant improvements in his skin condition by taking capsules with the herring roe extract

-I thought it was too good to be true. For a while I stopped taking the capsules and then my psoriasis came back. Shortly after I started taking the capsules again, and the psoriasis disappeared. I am in no doubt that this is working for me, says Vartal to TV2.

Sceptial at first
Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen has conducted a study with 60 patients. Head of Dermatology Kåre Steinar Tveit is very excited about the results.

-I am very sceptical by nature, but now I am overwhelmed. This feel like Christmas Eve, Constitution day, and all other holidays combined, says Tveit to TV2.

-Identifying new medicines that can reduce symptoms of this skin disease is very motivating. And this is exactly what we have demonstrated in this study: It was a significantly greater reduction in disease activity with the group that received the medication compared to the placebo group, Tveit states.

Hva about side effects?
It was a few participants that complained about discomfort in the stomach/gut. When we revealed the results, we saw that everybody reporting these side effects had received placebo medication. We did not see any side effects in the group receiving herring roe extract, says Tveit.

Satisfied patients
The patients participating in the study are very satisfied

-I am almost free of symptoms and do not have any joint pain. Previously my knees made squeaking noises, but now they feel completely lubricated. I feel like a new person. I do see it as a miracle, says Frank Nybo Olsen.

-To me this has been life changing! It has changed my everyday life a lot, says Ragna Breines who participated in the study.

Now Arctic Nutrition is working to get the herring roe extract approved as a pharmaceutical. This requires a phase 3 study with tests in multiple countries with 400-600 patients, and official approvals.

-We hope to have this ready in 3-4 years, says Hogne Hallaråker.

First the company is raising 150 – 200 million NOK in funds.

-We need capital to develop the product and document it further, but also to build a factory in Ørsta to produce our ingredient and products there.

News article from NRK published 12.12.18

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