Håvard (72) Cured his Psoriasis with Herring Roe

Håvard (72) Cured his Psoriasis with Herring Roe

Håvard Vardal started noticing improvements on his psoriasis condition shortly after starting using Romega. After a few months, his psoriasis was completely gone.

News article from TV2.no 22.09.17
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Håvard (72) got rid of his psoriasis with herring roe

”Shortly after I started taking the capsules I noticed a significant improvement in my Psoriasis. After a couple of months it disappeared little by little until it was completely gone”, Håvard Vartdal tells TV2.

In his home in Western Norway he tells us an incredible story about the effect of eating capsules made from Herring Roe.

”I thought this was too good to be true – I stopped taking the capsules for a while and the Psoriasis came back. Shortly after I started again my suffering disappeared once again. I now have no doubt that the capsules are working for me, he says.

Norwegian product
A few miles south of his home we find Arctic Nutrition who has developed the product from Norwegian Herring Roe, the extract that works well with people suffering from Psoriasis.

”We use Herring Roe as our raw material, refine it and take out all fats making it as potent as possible. Additionally we check for impurities so the finished product becomes as perfect as the roe itself”, says the CEO of Arctic Nutrition, Hogne Hallaråker.

Psoriasis is a hereditary, cronic skin disease that makes your skin scaly and sore. A pilot project testing out Romega on patients from Brazil and Norway has given very good results

”If you have an inflammatory condition of some sort, herring roe extract will lower the inflammation in a good way, particularly for psoriasis. We now wish to develop the extract further into a specific pharmaceutical product based on the same raw material”, says Hallaråker to TV2.

Arctic Nutrition have worked for many years to develop the herring roe extract and are now targeting also pharmaceutical market.

Hogne Hallaråker is the CEO of Arctic Nutrition in Norway. Photo: Arne Rovick/TV 2

”The potential is huge and the pharmaceutical market is very large. If you have a product that is safe to use with good efficacy I am not worried about the economical side of things”, says the CEO of Arctic Nutrition.

What about side-effects?

”The products is a type of food. Herring and herring roe has been used in the diet from way back to the Viking age. There are no known negative side effects on the dosage the we use. Only positive ones”, says Hallaråker

Research and clinical study

Today, the large clinical study conducted at Haukeland University hospital was launched, where 60 pasients are enrolled to participate in the psoriasis trial to establish empirical data for the possible new drug.

”The people that are enrolled in this study will be followed up in a very good way. They will have the possibility to test a product that, as far as I can see, does not have any negative side effects. I have tested the product on myself and have only noticed positive things”, says principal investigator and Chief MD at Haukeland Dermatology department, Steinar Kåre Tveit to TV2.

He is normally a sceptic to any new medication but admits that this product looks very promising.

”When you start taking these capsules they will affect inflammatory conditions in the body and prevent – ”tag a long” illnesses like cardiovascular disease and stroke. If it works they way we think it does, we are taking about a product with significant international potential”, says Tveit

He has also treated patients at Haukeland University Hospital and have noticed a good result. One of the pasients is Tor Vabø from Lindås, who also attended the presentation of the clinical study on Thursday.

”My life is new! Not having to leave behind a pound of flaky skin in the house every day is a new life to both me and my family”, says a very satisfied Vabø.


Artic Nutriton is, of course, very excited concerning the outcome of the clinical study.

”This is a big project for us and works as a milestone to get it approved as a medical product. Next year we will have the results from the study. Hopefully, we are then a pharmaceutical company with our own product developed from the roe of Norwegian spring spawning herring”, says Hallaråker

Back in the home of Mr Vartdal the children of the 72-year old believes the project will be a great success and have therefore invested in the company.

”Anything that can be taken out from the sea and used wisely as medicine is great”, says Mr Vartdal.

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