Håvard (72) Cured his Psoriasis with Herring Roe

Håvard (72) Cured his Psoriasis with Herring Roe Håvard Vardal started noticing improvements on his psoriasis condition shortly after starting using Romega. After a few months, his psoriasis was completely gone. News article from TV2.no 22.09.17 Summary provided in English below: Håvard (72) got rid of his psoriasis with herring roe ”Shortly after I started taking […]

Ensures Better Cooperation on Health Research

Ensures Better Cooperation on Health Research Research unit for health research makes collaboration between industry, health institutions, and the university easier. They have now signed their first cooperation agreement, with the Norwegian biotech company Arctic Nutrition.   Article published by the University of Bergen 21.09.17 Original article in Norwegian: http://www.uib.no/med/110730/sikrer-bedre-samarbeid-om-helseforskning  

Testing a New Medication on 60 Patients

Testing a New Medication on 60 Patients Studies indicate that the product from Arctic Nutrition reduces inflammatory conditions. A study is currently being conducted at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. News article from Sunnmorsposten 26.08.17 Original article in Norwegian translated excerpts provided in English below: These inflammatory conditions can drive auto immune processes like psoriasis, explains dermatologist, […]

Promising Medication for Psoriasis Made of Herring Roe

Promising Medication for Psoriasis Made of Herring Roe In Hovdebygda they have created a new Norwegian pharmaceutical product to treat psoriasis. The raw material being roe from spring-spawning herring. News article from Sunnmorsposten 26.08.17 Original article in Norwegian: https://www.smp.no/nyheter/2017/08/26/Lovende-psoriasismedisin-av-sildeegg-15210500.ece

Creating Gold of the Silver of the Sea

two scienticts in a lab. photo

Creating Gold of the Silver of the Sea Many of us would like higher energy levels. With the supplement Romega, this might be a step in the right direction. Romega has documented effect on the brain, hearth, and eye health. The product also demonstrated positive effects on infections, prevents joint problems, improves sleep quality, reduces […]

Herring for the Brain

Herring for the Brain Often viewed as inferior to salmon roe, herring roe may be the next breakthrough, writes Nadia Badarudin. We need good fats to nourish our brains. Good fats, Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to ensure that the brain and nervous system function at their optimum level. Article published in the New Straits […]

Straight from the Source

Straight from the Source Omega-3 is widely regarded as being useful for remedying aches, pains, and cardiovascular conditions. Ingredients Insights talks to Hogne Hallaråker, CEO of Arctic Nutrition, about the health benefits of the company’s new Romega brand of omega-3 supplements. Article posted in Ingredients Insights. http://www.ingredients-insight.com/contractors/other-ingredients/arctic-nutrition/  

Highly Absorbable Omega-3 from Pristine Source

Highly Absorbable Omega-3 from Pristine Source Fish oil as a dietary supplement has seen changes in form and concentration over the years. Looking back, many may remember taking the syrup form while growing up. That was the first generation of fish oil, according to Dr. Rajen, natural health advocate, and columnist. Published by Malaysiakini 27.08.15 […]

Scandinavian Herring Roe Starting to Deliver on Omega-3 Promise

Herring by-products like immature roe are providing a bountiful source for omega-3s in Norway, with research showing strong market potential. The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF) has begun a project, “Market opportunities for immature roe from North Sea herring (NSH) and Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NSSH)’. Published in Nutra Ingredients 10.05.15 https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2015/02/10/Scandinavian-herring-roe-starting-to-deliver-on-omega-3-promise