Testing a New Medication on 60 Patients

Testing a New Medication on 60 Patients

Studies indicate that the product from Arctic Nutrition reduces inflammatory conditions. A study is currently being conducted at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

News article from Sunnmorsposte26.08.17

Original article in Norwegian translated excerpts provided in English below:

These inflammatory conditions can drive auto immune processes like psoriasis, explains dermatologist, scientist, and head of dermatology at Haukeland University Hospital, Kåre Steinar Tveit to Sunnmørsposten. He has already tested the new medication from Arctic Nutrition on five patents severely affected by psoriasis. The dermatologist’s impression is that the product has been effective so far.

The product is being tested on 60 patient.
Tveit is leading a scientific project starting September 2017. The psoriasis medication from Arctic Nutrition is being tested on 60 patients at Haukeland University Hospital to examine how the product works. The patients are using the product for a duration of 32 weeks. Half of the patients in the study are receiving placebo medication.

– Neither the patients or I know who will receive the psoriasis medication and who will receive a placebo product, says Tveit.

Other diseases

– The promising effect of the psoriasis medication makes me believe that it might have effects on secondary complications affecting psoriasis patients. Inflammatory conditions in the body’s intestinal organs provide increased risk of heart attack and stroke and so on. I do believe the medication will have exciting and positive effects on some of these secondary conditions. We have established a multidisciplinary team that will conduct several tests to examine the effect, and also addresses preventative effects with regards to cardiovascular diseases, says Tveit.